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Samsung will integrate a camera with the Galaxy Note S-Pen to avoid the hole in the screen – Phonandroid

Maj. the February 6, 2019 at 14 hours 34 minutes

The integration of a camera into the S-Pen is one of the following important developments of the Galaxy Note pen. Samsung is already working on such a possibility whose technology has been patented. The presence of photosensors in the S-pen suggests new functional possibilities such as independent external recordings. It is also a way to avoid the restriction of a hole or notch at the top of the screen.

galaxy note 9 s pen

The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S have come a long way in recent years. The S-Pen remains one of the few distinguishing factors of the two lines. The stylus has evolved over the years and now has a Bluetooth function since the Galaxy Note 9, with which it can control various functions of the external smartphone, such as multimedia playback options or the activation of a remote recording. The next important step should be the integration of a camera directly into the S-Pen.

Soon a camera in the S-Pen to avoid the hole in the Galaxy Note screen

In a patent that we submitted in 2017 and which we only now discover, Samsung describes how the camera is built into the S-Pen. The manufacturer explains that brands have a digital zoom lens with a long preference for optical zooming, for the simple reason that it may have reduced the thickness of smartphones and at the expense of images of lesser quality. The inclusion of an optical sensor in the S Pen pen would circumvent the problem.

The patent describes a " digital pen with a control panel that is configured to communicate with an electronic device [un smartphone, NDLR] ". The accessory would also be " a module configured to communicate via wire or wirelessly with the electronic device such that a photograph taken by the camera is attached and an optical zoom is controlled from the external electronic device ".

It must be said that the wireless communication module in question is already integrated in the Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen, but the integration of the photo sensor is retained, so that the reality is consistent with the device described in this patent. In addition to the functional possibilities that this suggests, it is also seen as a way to avoid the hole in the screen, as expected with the next Galaxy S10.

However, it seems unlikely that this device is integrated in the stylus of the Galaxy Note 10. At least, nothing at the moment does not say it.

S-Pen camera

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