Samsung Galaxy re-close it for review


When we received an invitation to try the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we immediately took the plane and went to the Samsung office. There, an Astro Blue unit was waiting for us and we already shared our initial impressions of the device. But now we have the phone in HQ and we are anxious to put it to the test and see where it fits into the larger picture.

The first thing you see when you open the box is the majestic 4: 3 OLED screen in an explained manner. It's basically a standard 7.3 "tablet that, thanks to Samsung, you can now easily put it in your pocket. And when you fold for the first time and hear the" thud ", you immediately become Owen Wilson and start saying" wow ".

When you see the images of the Galaxy Fold at a specific angle, you may lose the fold. But it's always there. A slight natural light on the screen reveals the crease and, in some cases, there is even a color difference between the left and right halves. This is clearly something we will have to live with until the technology matures further and we will see how annoying it is during the review.

There is enough debate among our team about when you would use the small front screen. Although it is 4.6 "diagonally, it has a 21: 9 ratio, but around it gigantic snouts. The obvious case of use is talking – after all, the Galaxy Fold is a phone – not c & # 39; it is a loudspeaker inside, so you have to use the folded device.Also if you try to talk to a 4: 3 blackboard near your ear, the screen will promptly ask you to close the Fold or use the speakers.

As for other uses – while you can do pretty much anything on the small screen you can on the big, opinions are divided if the user experience will be good. After all this is a piece of premium technology and resorting to its tiny setting with a bezel will always seem like a compromise.

One thing we have found worrying is the control of gestures on the big screen. Sure, you can scroll up from the right side and go back or scroll up from the left side and see all the processes running, but if you want to scroll from the center to go home, the fold is get in the way and this is cute annoying. It is best to stick to regular checks with three software buttons.

There are a lot of cameras on the phone – one on the cover for video conversations, two on the inside for selfies and three on the back for high quality images. The rear configuration on paper looks like everything you could want from a mobile device: regular shooter, combined with a telephoto lens and an ultra wide angle camera.

All in all though, the Samsung Galaxy Fold makes a first impression like no other phone in recent memory. It made the office vibrate and we are very curious to find out if everyone will be so excited about getting to the end of the review. Keep an eye on our homepage to find out!