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Sale 2019: 7 flash offers that you should not miss this Friday 🔥 – Lemon Squeezer

The winter sales in 2019 are not over yet, it is far from that: this Friday we still discover new offers from major online merchants: Amazon, Fnac, Darty and Cdiscount have again a great new part of their flash offers in the middle of the night this morning to create yet another craze among the general public. They are not the only e-merchants actively participating in this period of promotions; and here is a small selection of e-merchants who are active every day in the field of good deals:

Balances are sometimes compared to an art: indeed, in physical stores or on the internet, you have to know how to find the good deals, and that is why we have to endure its efforts in patience. If you have ever visited trading venues such as Cdiscount, Fnac or Amazon during the winter sales in 2019, you will notice that they are all adorned with the colors of the process. So you have to know how to take your time and look at all the current offers, so that you do not miss the most important ones. Cdiscount has promised more than 3 million in the episode, the work can take a long time and that's why we have drawn up a small list of popular products that fall in price. We have compared some listings between major online sellers, so you have the link to the best below. Throughout the day, depending on the available stock, this list will be updated.

Clearance: good deals on Friday

Updated: February 8, 2019, 19.40

The summit for this Friday:


Health and wellbeing:

Smartphones and packages:


Computer, tablets, TV:


To see winter sales at Cdiscount:

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If you are a connoisseur of this great winter sales experience, you probably know that many of the promotions are so-called flash sales. These are discounts that are only a few hours maximum and with which you can get even higher discounts than with conventional promotions. However, they are also limited by the available stock, so it is a double constraint that comes, but the game is worth it.

For these sales on Amazon and Cdiscount, which are also the 2 most important specialists in the field of flash offers in France, you have to respond very quickly. The second condition is that you have to visit these trading platforms regularly to see which discounts are available at a certain time. Yesterday, for example, we saw that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is in flash promotion, just like many Amazon products. A few days ago it was the iPhone XR that lasted a few hours, just like the iPad Pro 2018. Very quickly these fashionable products are out of stock. So that's also the sale!

Winter sales: thousands of flash offers and promos

Apart from the limited Flash offers we mentioned above, there are also continuous promotions and these represent the most important part of good deals during the sale. Whether at Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or on the Darty site, there are tens of thousands of these promotions anywhere on their site and in all categories. While some began at the beginning of the sale, in the month of January, others started a little later to keep the offers interesting on the trading platforms. For this month of February 2019 discounts are sometimes still very interesting and it is worthwhile to be interested.

These are also ongoing promotions that allow you to benefit from additional discounts during the winter sales in 2019 thanks to discounts. This Friday we are officially in fifth place and the percentage of promotion is higher than ever. It is difficult to do better, since sites such as Cdiscount already announce a discount of 90% during the sale of certain items. It is therefore after a while that we see stockouts. After a month of sales, many references have now disappeared – both on the internet and in physical stores. Fortunately, there are still some good deals to do, and if you're in the mood and have patience, you can go to platforms like Amazon and Cdiscount in their balances section.

To see all credit on Friday at the Amazon site:

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On the way to a record for these winter sales in 2019?

This year, winter sales are even more generous than in recent years, and there is a reason for this. It must be said that the economic context that led to the many events throughout France led many traders to have made many promotions for the sale to sell the inventory of products that were not sold during the Christmas period. Although many French people prefer to spread their purchases because of the protests, they are now getting their hands on sellers who can save their year.

The turnover in the winter represents a considerable and significant share of the turnover of the traders: this event represents approximately 20% of all annual turnover. It must be said that it is still spreading in 6 weeks, and that is not negligible. It is therefore difficult to compare it with a day like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday that lasts only 24 hours. In any case, the winter sales are there to announce the current year, in this case 2019, and good results would enable traders to reassure themselves.

Anticipate your purchases during the sale

These traders do not hesitate to offer even more generous promotions than normal, only to sell their shares and increase their sales. During the sale, general sellers such as Cdiscount or Amazon offer promotions and flash sales in all their stock – and thus on all themes and categories of their site. For example, Cdiscount offers a 42% discount on a large part of IT. So it is a good way to realize big savings without too much trouble.

If you plan to make significant purchases in the coming months, both will now benefit from your purchases and anticipate your purchases. During the winter sales in 2019 you will find the most reduction categories and you can realize substantial savings. After this episode of promo & # 39; s you have to wait until the end of March to see the French days, and then in mid-June to take advantage of the summer sales. In the meantime, it will be calm. At the same time, you always benefit from the same guarantees as a buyer: it is not because you buy in the sale that you do not have the right to get a right of withdrawal. Sites such as Amazon and Cdiscount are specially organized to pick up products in a period of 14 days.

These are the Cdiscount offers for these sales:

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