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Resident Evil 2 | Who is Mr. X and how can he survive his appearance? – El Comercio – Peru

Resident Evil 2: remake not only brought back the nostalgia of seeing Leon and Claire fighting together for their survival Raccoon Citybut also that feeling of impotence and pure fear that caused Mr. X, a man with a raincoat of more than 2 meters high.

This "gentleman" was the headache of many gamers in the late 90's. Now this problem comes back with the latest release from Capcom. the Tyrant T-103, the key name of the subject, is actually a biological weapon made by umbrellamade to perform specific recovery or elimination missions.

In the new video game of Capcom, that much Leon like Claire it is found from a certain point within the police station, but its artificial intelligence has changed from its original version of 1998.

It appears that Mr. X now it will chase the player for a long time, and this in combination with the zombies, Lickers and riddles of the area, creates an insufferable tension for the user. Who is that Mr. X? Can it be defeated? Here all information about this strange character.

Who is Mr. X?

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the famous Mr. X It is not a single being. the T-103 they were the first biological weapon model of the series tyrant for mass production. They have been developed by umbrella on Sheena Island, based on the DNA of Sergei Vladimir, former colonel of the URRS and leader of the UBCS.

The company has made clones from Vladimir for its high compatibility with Virus-T and so use them in secret collection missions. During the incident Raccoon City, T-103 was released to retrieve the sample Virus-G I had William Birkin, command him to kill everyone who avoids his mission.

Mr. X You can track, so as soon as a chase starts, you can extend it for a long time until you lose your goal. He has a limited consciousness, because his brain only concentrates on completing his orders and therefore sometimes has uncontrollable and unexpected actions.

This kind tyrant It is characterized by its almost human form and its enormous size. At first sight no mutation is observed, because most of his body is covered, except for his head. He wears gloves, a long raincoat that reaches his spines and combat boots.

It is virtually immune to conventional bullets, but the heavy caliber of a rifle or explosives can weaken it. In receiving fatal injuries, the T-103 A mutation begins and your muscle mass increases, you grow claws and your heart comes out of your body. In this state he is faster and stronger, but he loses all sense of his mission.

How Mr. X to kill?

Considering all the above characteristics, many would think that it is invincible. The truth is that it is not, but until then the only thing that can be postponed to escape.

When attacking Mr. Xthis will stagger to the release of sufficient ammunition to drop it on the knee for a few seconds on the ground. This can be useful in times of maximum despair, but the little time left in that state does not compensate for the vast amount of resources that are spent to confront it.

The only way to kill it Tyrant T-103 is to continue with the story. There will come a time when confrontation becomes inevitable, but a comrade will arrive on time with a heavy caliber weapon to cause real destruction Mr. X.

How do I escape Mr. X?

The best idea to escape and avoid Mr. X if we find it in the corridors, it runs in the opposite direction. Although this biological weapon is fast, the constantly changing rooms or floors ensure that it stops pursuing them.

Thanks to the chase music you can check if Mr. X follow one or another way. Staying in a room is very dangerous because it may appear sooner or later. In this new one Resident Evil 2 the storage rooms are also dangerous.

It is necessary to emphasize that it Tyrant T-103 He also has a very developed hearing. Making a lot of noise or shooting makes this wary, so it's better to think twice before shooting an enemy.

Finally, some situations can lead to an almost certain death, as well as a gait with Mr. X and some Lickers for the roof. Running warns the latter and not to do so tyrant I would reach them. The best advice in this situation is to use a blinding grenade to escape without problems.


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