Razer updates his DeathAdder gaming mouse for greater accuracy


The DeathAdder V2 no longer uses mechanical switches for its buttons; instead, use infrared light rays to record clicks. Razer says this eliminates the risk of accidental double-clicking and may even reduce the delay (although it is probably an imperceptible improvement). Razer previously used optical switches on his Viper mouse, which was released last summer and was well received by critics and players.

The company also announced an update of its Basilisk mouse. It uses the same internal components as the DeathAdder V2, but it has more buttons, which can be customized through the Razer application. The Basilisk V1 was quite ugly, but the V2 looks much more refined thanks to its angular design and bright accents.

Razer Basilisk V2 mouse

The DeathAdder V2 costs $ 69.99, the same as the original MSRP of the V1. The Basilisk V2, meanwhile, is getting a price increase of $ 10 to $ 79.99. Both are available now, but if you don’t object to complying with last year’s model, Amazon is selling the DeathAdder V1 for $ 25 and the Basilisk V1 for $ 40.


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