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Rage 2 Comments on the requirement PlayStation Plus – Game Rant

As many players probably attest, Anger 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2019, with those who are not looking forward to getting the title of id Software and Avalanche Studios no doubt wishing to immerse themselves in its colorful and chaotic world. That being said, some players have wondered what kind of online requirements might be needed to test the title on consoles, and it seems that the team behind Anger 2 wants to clarify the air on the issue.

According to a recent exchange between a fan and the official Twitter account for Anger 2, players won't need to sign up for PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play the next first person shooter. This was shared after Amazon discovered that the Xbox One game requires Xbox Live Gold and that its PS4 version would need one to be a member of PS Plus to play Anger 2. Apparently, however, this specific information on the product page list was made by mistake.

For those unaware, Anger 2 is set to be a single player experience, with one taking on the role of the last ranger named Walker, who must survive in the dangerous world of the game inhabited by mutants and marauders after being hit by an asteroid. With Anger 2 having been designed as a solo experience, it is safe to assume that many would have been disappointed if they needed online subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold to immerse themselves in the title content.

While the first-person shooter was classified as a single-player game, a job announcement from some time ago potentially indicated that Avalanche Studios could have considered multiplayer incorporation for Anger 2. As it happens, the position looked for candidates who could "lead the multiplayer development of [Avalanche’s] the new open world / sandbox multiplayer game, "with the implication of being referred to by the study Anger 2.

All in all, some players don't see it now Anger 2 can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold will not be needed to play. And with the game that should start in just over a month, it will be interesting to see how these fans will respond to the title itself.

Anger 2 is set for launch May 14, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Anger 2 – Twitter


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