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Radius of a young star in a nearby galaxy: a unique shot – Popular mechanics

Astronomers using the VST telescope could see the beam of a huge young star. located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. dwarf galaxy – the galaxy's satellite.

ESO, A McLeod et al.

The Large Magellanic Cloud is a dwarf galaxy that is a satellite of the Milky Way and, according to astronomers from our Milky Way, is about 160,000 light-years. Recently, experts have carried out observations of the LHA 120-N 180B nebula, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, and saw a long beam (stream of matter) coming from a young massive star (the mass is about 12 times higher than the mass of the sun).

The observed object, which reached a length of about 33 light years (this is one of the longest known rays), was called Herbig-Haro 1717 (HH17). As noted, rays are usually hidden by dust, so scientists find it difficult to see them; This time, however, the situation was slightly different, and this is the first time that the experts saw a ray in another galaxy in the optical range.

ESO, A McLeod et al.

A snapshot of the LHA 120-N 180B was made using the MUSE (Multi Unit SpectroScopic Explorer) tool mounted on a VLT telescope (Very Large Telescope). About discovery briefly reported on the ESO website (European Southern Observatory).


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