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PS4 Update 6.00 download TODAY: Sony's new PlayStation system update – this is what it does

PS4 Update 6.00 download TODAY: Sony's new PlayStation system update - this is what it doesSONY

PS4 Update 6.00 download TODAY: Sony's new PlayStation system update – this is what it does
(Photo: SONY)

The latest PS4 firmware update from Sony is now available, although it is the 6.00 update, a round number that normally brings big changes for the console. At the first inspection it seems to be very little.

Today's update is for patch 6.00, which weighs in at just over 400 MB – Sony said, to improve system performance & # 39 ;.

That is literally the only indication that is based on Sony's latest policy notes & what they usually say with the most patches to be honest.

What is surprising is that it is not equipped with the usual set of features that offer the most rounded firmware updates.

However, hidden secret functionality may be hidden that becomes visible as soon as users start playing with their console

"It is very unusual for a milestone update to be released with so few changes," the dedicated PushSquare PlayStation told fans.

"It is possible that this is the drastic system performance revision that the console has needed for a while now, which is good news if that is the case."

As always, PlayStation advises players to "always update your PS4 system to the latest version of the system software", explaining them so that you "can enjoy additional functions, improved usability and improved security".

If there are additional details about this patch, they can become clear later today when Sony chooses more information about this strange system update.

The last big PS4 patch was released in early March and introduced a whole series of new features. As said, that would have been the 5.00 system software update.

To give you an idea of ​​how important that particular update has been, here's a reminder of the functionality added to the console:

Play time management

In update 5.00 of system software, we have introduced a series of parental control improvements. This allowed assigned Family Managers to easily determine what each individual child plays, views and views online.

Play Time Management builds on this and gives Family Managers (and adult family members set up as guardians) the possibility to set limits on when and for how long each individual child can play. Managing Playtime is easy; Go to Settings> Family management on your PS4 or log in to your PlayStation Network account as a family manager or guardian in your web browser from your PC or smartphone to check and manage your child's daily playing time.

During play, notifications are sent to children so that they know when to save and close. The family managers / guardians can also set the PS4 to log out as soon as the playtime is over and increase the game time while driving via the web portal.

Import custom backgrounds via USB

At popular demand you can now import your own images via a USB stick to use as custom backgrounds on PS4. After importing, you can even zoom in, crop and preview in-situ to get the perfect look on your dashboard.

Note that the photo files on a USB stick must be located in a folder called "IMAGES" so that the PS4 can recognize them. Just go to Settings> Theme & # 39; s> Select theme> Custom> Select image> USB storage device.

After the 5.50 update you can also customize your team page for tournaments with your own team logo or background that you can import from a USB stick.

Go to Events> Teams> select your team> Edit team profile to set your logo and background.

UI improvements to the library

• tab & # 39; This PS4 & # 39; and name / avatar

Two new tabs are added to the library to make it easier to see which apps you have installed and purchased. On the & # 39; This PS4 & # 39; list all applications installed on the PS4 system and the tab with your name / avatar lists all the apps you have purchased with your PSN ID. This feature also allows you to easily search and find games that you have already purchased, but that have not yet been installed.

• PS Plus tab

This update also adds a new PS Plus tab to the library, which clarifies which games you own from PS Plus's monthly free games. If your PS Plus membership has expired, a PS Plus icon will appear with a slot next to your game so that you know which games you can play when you re-subscribe.

• Hide apps

As requested, we add a feature that allows you to hide certain applications on the & # 39; Purchased & # 39; in the library. In & # 39; Options & # 39; you can hide content including beta & # 39; s, tests or demo's of games you may not be able to return to.

Quick Menu improvements

With the launch of 5.50 you can directly access custom lists of friends directly from the pop-up menu. This makes it easier to see who is online and then send messages or invitations, especially when you are in the middle of the game.

When you listen to music on PS4, you can access certain shortcuts via the shortcut menu. If you use Spotify on PlayStation Music, the & # 39; square & # 39; as a shortcut for volume control. And when you are on the media player or USB music player, & # 39; triangle & # 39; as the shortcut for play or pause and the & # 39; square & # 39; button as volume control.

Notifications update

Users can permanently delete old notifications from their PS4 for better organization and management. Simply go to Notifications and press the & # 39; triangle & # 39; or & # 39; OPTIONS & # 39; to open a menu that allows you to select a single or multiple notifications that you want to delete.

Background music on PlayStation Now

With background music on PS Now you can listen to your favorite songs while you stream a game on PS Now. Note that, as when playing a game on disc or via digital download on PS4, background music is not always available.

Supersampling mode on PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro users participating in the beta will see a new & supersampling mode & # 39; under Settings, which allows people with HDTVs (i.e., 1080p or less) to experience an enhanced visual experience when playing some PS4 games.

With supersampling mode, some games will be rendered at a higher resolution and then downscaled to fit the HDTV – allowing PS4 Pro owners to take advantage of the benefits of better image enhancement even if their PS4 Pro is not connected to a 4K TV. Note: performance may vary because games are optimized differently to take advantage of the power of PS4 Pro.

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