PS4 BLOW games: bad news for Sony PlayStation fans after E3 2019 | Fun Game


PS4 players have suffered a heavy blow while E3 2019 ends for another year.

The doors of the E3 2019 have been opened to the public after all the major conferences of gaming extravaganza are over.

The E3 2019 has seen important announcements from Xbox, Nintendo and Square Enix but there was a giant player in the gaming industry that was not represented.

Breaking with tradition, Sony didn't hold their typical E3 conference while they decided to skip the biggest fair of the year.

Sony has announced the decision to skip E3 last year, and since then PS4 producers have changed the way they deliver news.

The Japanese gaming giant at the beginning of this year revealed the first details about the PS5 in an exclusive interview on Wired.

Typically this type of announcement would be made at a trade show, but Sony instead decided to drop the news on PlayStation by surprise without warning.

The PS4 producers have also launched their Nintendo Direct-style State of Play broadcasts, in which the news on upcoming games has been unveiled.

So far there have only been two presentations on the game status, with the most recent one being held in May.

During this state of play the first trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake was revealed in three and a half years.

The day after this broadcast it was said that Sony had another presentation of State of Play in the works for the E3 2019 period.

It was said that this presentation of State of Play would focus on Last of Us 2 and would reveal the long-awaited release date of the game.

It seemed possible that this State of Play broadcast could collapse during the E3 week to ensure that the PS4 took hold of the titles during the expo period.

However, it does not seem likely that a State of Play broadcast will take place this week.

So far the two game state presentations that were held were announced three days before they were broadcast.

And if Sony follows this pattern, it seems unlikely that a game situation will occur this week.

If Sony announced a state of play today (Wednesday 12 June) with three days notice, it would happen on Saturday 15 June.

But the State of Play broadcasts have so far only occurred on weekdays, so it seems unlikely.

It is possible that Sony is planning another game state by the end of this month or possibly later in the year.

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