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Pokémon GO: Shiny Meltan – and only for Wunderbox owners – Buffed.de

from Susanne Braun
The creators of Pokémon Go announce that Shiny Meltan will be released during the Lunar New Year & # 39; s event, but there's a point: you have to own a Pokémon Let's Go Wonderbox. Then the chance increases that a shiny Meltan appears in your neighborhood. PoGo trainers without the switch game item look in the tube.

Who has not always wanted to own the mysterious and developable Pokémon Meltan in its shiny version in Pokémon Go? Well, now that the time has come, the developers of the AR-app have announced that until March 5, 2019 at 8:59 am, a Glossy Meltan can appear in your neighborhood, if … yes, if you go to Pokémon Go Open the Wunderbox, which you can get via the Nintendo Switch game Pokémon Let & # 39; s Go. This means that all kinds of interested PoGo coaches will not fall on the grid of this unusual phenomenon.

The whole thing works like this: when you connect your Pokémon Go with Pokémon Let & # 39; s Go, you get a wonderbox in the Niantic AR app that you can open every seven days, so you wanted to spawn Meltan around you. As part of the now started event, you can open the Wunderbox every three days. On the other hand, one of the Meltans that appears in the next 30 minutes can also hide one in its dazzling form. You recognize the Shiny Meltan by its blue hull, which turns red in the normal version of the mysterious Pokémon. Have fun hunting!

The coaches, who are not in possession of a Wunderbox, obviously look a bit in the pipe – especially because part of the Lunar New Year event is not really the Pokémon in the wilderness, which could be one of the other players for requires special Meltan research. As it says: "wait and drink tea".

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