Home tech PlayStation's Rus McLaughlin wants you to develop a great content strategy

PlayStation's Rus McLaughlin wants you to develop a great content strategy

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, you can look forward to a series of speeches by speakers in the video game industry. During the week you will hear industry legends, niche experts and incredible lawyers, many of whom will want to get to know you and your job as much as you do.

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, speakers like Rus McLaughlin want to help you get to know your game. McLaughlin, a veteran of gaming journalism, will give a keynote address on the importance of an online content strategy, sharpening your voice and getting people interested in what you have to say.

To introduce you to McLaughlin, we looked for a quick Q & A on his work that you can read below.

Would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your role in the development of the game?

Greetings! I am Rus McLaughlin, I do not have a direct role in the development of the game (and I probably never had), but I have covered the gaming industry for many years in IGN, Gamesbeat, EGM and others, and I have consulted and / or worked on game / collateral marketing for Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Square Enix before joining the PlayStation team in 2013 to create a content strategy for PlayStation 4 and create / manage the UX Writing Team working on its user interface.

Without ruining it, what will you talk about at GDC?

By creating this content strategy for PlayStation 4 and how that process can help you find the right voice for your brand. Everything makes an impression … the real trick is to create the impression you want. Just ask anyone suddenly found something they tweeted becoming viral.

(Yes, I tweeted some things that have become viral, and it always seems to be things with a little typo that will haunt me forever.)

What excites you more than the future of game development?

The surprising thing for me in the gaming industry in general is how to always look at The Next Thing … new ideas, new technologies, new stories, new ways to tell stories, better graphics, better challenges. The games we see today could not have happened five years ago. The games we'll see in five years could not happen today. We constantly evolve, explore, create and strive to find and embrace what is new, and it is always exciting for me.

What is your specific field that your colleagues need to know more about?

There is a popular refrain that I love to hear: "People do not read". This is only true if you are doing things that encourage people not to read … and sometimes, it's okay. But if you have something to say and want to be heard, you can make people read, and you can make them happy to have done so.

Tell us about your favorite project you've worked on in the last year.

Last year it's full of things I can not talk about yet, but I've been directly or indirectly involved with every single PlayStation feature and product launching since PS4 reached the store shelves, and I'll say that the PlayStation VR The installation tutorial videos I wrote (we did three of them) were a fun standout and a great collaboration with our extremely talented video team.

Oh, and last year I finally hired a phenomenal artist to illustrate a children's book I wrote. It involves chickens and kung fu, as should all children's books.

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