PlayStation Store has August savings on injustice, BioShock and more


The summer is dangerously close, but nobody tells Sony. Although the company's film arm is busy ruining Spider-Man (or saving him from the big bully Disney if you choose to believe it), the PlayStation division has been to the point with summer sales. The August Savings is a bountiful batch of everything from iconic favorites to niche anime titles. Let's analyze some of the best offers.

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Fighting games


Warner Bros. is leading the fighting games here. Injustice 2 Legendary Edition it's half. This includes all DLC characters. If you were interested to see how the Ninja Turtle verses would behave, now you have the chance. The first Injustice it's also for $ 9.99 in case you just want to dip your toe. Similarly, Mortal combat costs $ 9.99 and offers a good entry point for those who don't want to go all-in in the last installment. For Marvel fans, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is part of the sale.



BioShock: the collection it's a huge 75% discount. This means you can remaster all three games for $ 14.99. Also for sale is practically every call of Duty You can immagine. Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Black operations, it's all there. Of course, PS4 users are probably too busy playing Alpha to worry about old games.

Casual classics


There are too many games today. Even if you have all the time and money in the world, you will probably lose some games that people consider essential. The August savings include many of these titles. The Banner Saga the trilogy is on sale in its entirety or in a single meal. The dead man walkingThe final season has a small discount if you want to attend the end of an era. Also for sale are Payday 2, all the first Life is strangeand the instant masterpiece Cars 3: Driven To Win.

Most of this business ends on September 3rd, so you have just over a week to review them. Have a look at the entire list here.

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