Home tech PlayStation may have new competition in Stadia, Google's new gaming streaming platform

PlayStation may have new competition in Stadia, Google's new gaming streaming platform

Google Stadia Ps4

Google has just announced Stadia, its new streaming platform for playing video games. In many ways, this could be our first real aspect of a next-gen console, except it's not actually console. The fact of the matter is that with Stadia, you will be able to play complete games, such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey, immediately through the power of streaming, on any device supported by Google at any time, provided you have a connection Internet. It's pretty much what many people expected, but make no mistakes: Stadia could end up being a direct competitor to PlayStation.

It's been a long time since a company in such a big place as Google entered the video game market in this way. Microsoft was the last to do it successfully with the original Xbox, and with Stadia that this year will be launched, we're looking at an exciting time for the whole sector.

The Google presentation was impressive, no doubt, but to a large extent it seemed hypothetical. The company has certainly talked about it, but right now, in 2019, it's hard to say whether Stadia will meet the high standards presented on stage. Google has continued to talk about high resolutions, frame rates and unlimited cloud power (where have we heard this before?), But in the end the streaming is streaming. Much of Stadia's success will be based on stable and fast Internet connections, and it's something that many people still don't have access to.

Sony will look at Stadia for a long time. If Google manages to do it, its introduction and its potential evolution could change the sphere of the game as we know it, but at the moment, especially without details on prices, it is a big if.


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