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PlayStation 5: release date, cost and functionality for Sony's VR-Ready console

A A new chapter for console technology is about to begin and Sony PlayStation 5 will be one of the most prominent names in the forefront of game innovation. The PlayStation 4 has won the hearts of millions of players since its release in 2013 and the next PS4 Pro gave consumers a taste of the 4K gaming resolution. But the PS5 is behind the corner and could have what it takes to open up new horizons.

Sony has spoken freely of the details. An exact release date for PS5, the official features and the titles that will be provided are still shrouded in secrecy. But analysts' forecasts, patented documents and online job listings have painted a picture of a console that will pay tribute to Sony's past consoles, while it is seriously pushing the envelope with virtual reality games. A future that John Kodera, current vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is on the horizon.

"The PS4 is entering [the] final phase of its life cycle, "he said at a corporate meeting in 2018. Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed Kodera's statement stating that the company is preparing" new generation hardware ".

Typically, the console lasts between five and six years before the producers move to the next generation. The PS4 and the Xbox One were two important exceptions, reaching seven to eight years from their predecessors, respectively. The PS4 has been around for about five years, which means the watch is starting to relax and a new model is starting to take shape.

A current generation PS4.
What could come next?

Here's all we know about the next Sony console, the PlayStation 5:

Play Station 5: Release date

Sony has yet to reveal anything about when players should expect to see the PS5, much less when they can really put it in their hands. An investment analyst believes that the PS5 could be released between the end of 2020 and April 2021.

Another analyst, Avi Greengart, director of research for GlobalData consumer devices said earlier Reverse expects to see Microsoft's new Xbox at E3 2019 in June and the PS5 not far behind.

"I expect Microsoft to announce the new Xbox at E3 in 2019, but it will actually ship the console in 2020," he said. "Microsoft could very well beat Sony on the market in 2020 by launching the next Xbox in the spring of 2020 instead of November, just before the holidays."

sony e3
E3 2019 could contain the answer to our questions.

Other analysts predict a similar timing. Hideki Yasuda, with the Ace Economic Research Institute, also believes that the PS5 will be launched in 2020. However, Yasuda thinks he will beat the Xbox on the market.

It is too early to say for sure when the consoles will be shipped, but there is a strong consensus among analysts that the consoles will be unveiled in the spring, with an official launch taking place a year later, in 2020.

Playstation 5: price

It wasn't a sneak peek at how much the PS5 would cost, but it will probably have a similar price to the PS4. In late 2013, Sony's current generation console started at $ 399 and has since been lowered to $ 299 by major retailers.

While the PS5 will far exceed the capabilities of its predecessor, it offers a price range of $ 399 to $ 499, provided that Sony continues to follow the previous pricing strategy. And they have good reasons for it, as it has proved wildly successful even today.

Sony has announced that it has sold over 91 million PS4 units worldwide since its launch during its last earnings call. So there are good reasons to believe that the company would like to recreate this magic for its next version.

playstation vr
PlayStation VR

Play Station 5: new features

So far there are two main features emerging from the rumor: The PS5 will allow you to play vintage games and double virtual reality.

The retro features of PS5 come to us thanks to a very brief Japanese patent identified by the technological blog Gear Nuke. He suggested that Sony's next console will be backwards compatible, allowing games to be run up to the original PlayStation. This means that users who have a series of retro games could simply insert their records and report nostalgia.

Sony could also use the PS5 launch to push its VR efforts, according to subscription news SemiAccurate. The article was summarized in a forum and states that the console will be equipped with a virtual reality-focused chipset that makes it a powerful engine for immersive video games.

patent for vr wireless headphones for playstation
A project of a patented Sony VR headset that allows users to play in immersive mode.

Play Station 5: Wireless VR Headset

In addition to forming a couple of changes under the hood, the PS5 could be launched with a secret weapon: a wireless VR headset. One of its defining features is expected to be an optimized virtual reality experience thanks to the chipset mentioned above. Sony could use this to upgrade its PSVR line for the first time since 2016.

A patent published by the Japan Patent Office on March 14 describes a headset that users can use without having to attach it to their console. It uses an attachment that will transfer data from the console and the PS camera mounted on the TV using high frequency waves.

The current PSVR was released in October 2016, just a month before PS4 Pro. This means that any PS5 display case could very well present the wireless headset shown in that Japanese patent.

sony ps4
Expect some exciting games to come with it.

PS5: new games

Here are some potential versions of the game that may come soon after the PS5 launch:

  • The Last of Us Part II
  • Tsushima ghost
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Call of Duty PS5
  • FIFA PS5
  • PES PS5
  • Battlefield PS5
  • Final Fantasy VII remake

There will obviously be much more to where it comes from. Sony has partnered with a multitude of game developers to release several exclusive PS4 titles, such as Spiderman, God of war, is Detroit: Become human. Expect more or less the same VR features, when the next generation of console games will finally start.


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