PlayStation 5: Official PS5 console roadmap released


Although most information about the PlayStation 5 is based on rumors, Sony with a first roadmap now brings light into the dark. The Japanese manufacturer explains in the recently published document which details are known about the PS5 console and which are not.

Just a few days ago, the Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki showed a video about the fast loading times of the upcoming PlayStation 5. These were presented on Sony Investor Relations Day 2019, on which matching documents now appeared on the net. In a first roadmap, the manufacturer not only talks about the financial perspectives and the success of the PlayStation brand, but also about the next-gen PS5 console. Clarity is offered to the waiting fans with a review of information that has already been officially published and topics that Sony still keeps secret.
Sony PlayStation 5: GerDesign concept: even the appearance of the PS5 Sony is still covered.

PS5: Promising hardware from AMD

It has already talked about the new processors and graphics cards of the PlayStation 5, which are expected to be built in the form of AMD Ryzen CPUs with Zen-2 architecture and optimized Navi GPUs. The company also announced the first signs of integrated SSD, confirmed downward compatibility with PS4 games and made it clear that the new PS5 will also have an optical drive. You may also be curious about the 3D audio functions and the extra focus on cloud gaming and streaming functions of the new game console.

However, gamers are somewhat skeptical about the details of the 8K resolution and the ray tracing technology. Finally, the exact technical specifications of the PlayStation 5 are not yet known and a lot of power has to be accommodated in the smallest place in the console. In addition, Sony notes that there is currently no information about the price, launch date and upcoming PS5 games published. The same applies to details about the "user experience" and the countries in which the next-gen console will be available.
Sony PlayStation 5: GerReview: this is already known to the PS5 and not.

On these issues, you probably have to wait even longer for official judgments and settle for speculation from the Gerche. Analysts currently expect PlayStation 5 to celebrate its release in the fall or winter of next year 2020. Price estimates currently vary between 399 and 499 US dollars. Possible starting titles are discussed in the same way. Unfested games such as GTA 6 and exclusive titles from the God of War series, The Last of Us, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima are hot candidates. Many of them should also be released for PS4.

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