Home tech PlayStation 4: Firmware 6.00 is available for download

PlayStation 4: Firmware 6.00 is available for download

PlayStation 4: Firmware 6.00 is available for download

September 13, 2018 at 11:14 am:

After extensive beta testing, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the 6.00 firmware for the PlayStation 4 for download. Too much does not change.

In the past few weeks, Sony Interactive Entertainment had a beta version for the PlayStation 4 firmware 6.00. Nowadays, those responsible provided the new system software to download surprisingly. So you can download the new firmware, which is 447.4 megabytes in size.

However, you should not expect too many changes. Although the most important system software numbers have added new features to the PlayStation 4 in the past, the 6.00 update only improves the stability of the system. The extent to which these stability improvements deviate from the usual adjustments is not known.

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Especially against the background of a completed beta test, it is surprising that the system software contains no innovations. Sony Interactive Entertainment has not commented on firmware 6.00, so you can only speculate what the company had planned.

Nevertheless, you can manually download the update in the settings under "System Software Update". As a rule, the download should start automatically as soon as you start the PlayStation 4. You can also download the system software on the PC and play it on the console with a USB stick.

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