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Oumuamua: Did the sun make the object in space so quickly? – Science

The enigmatic object Oumuamua is moving rapidly through our solar system. Is the sun itself responsible for its enormous speed at the end?

Stranger than that Object Oumuamua the various theories that have arisen since their discovery in 2017 are not the only thing that is not only the striking form of the supposed comet researchers and hobby astronomers in sight, but their origin is also not yet clear. Students from Yale and Caltech Universities now want to know why does it rot quickly after a job in the sun, This theory sounds at least more plausible than that of a possible alien probe.

Why is Oumuamua so fast?

The sudden appearance of the Oumuamua object raises more questions than answers. Aside from the origin and nature of it, researchers and hobby researchers are also puzzling about the speed it assumed after traveling around the world. Then it suddenly closed again and Oumuamua drove back to the depth of space, away from the earth. This has also been studied by students from Yale University and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Her theory will appear in the latest issue of the journal Astrophysical Letters. As the BGR reports, the students' possible reaction is as follows: Oumuamua has accelerated to the exposed side due to the effects of the sun's rays.

They believe that it is possible that the light on the sunny side was sufficient to create a jet of water vapor on the surface. While the object was tripping, the sides of our star might spit water vapor when the sunlight fell on it, making it higher and higher.

This attempt to explain sounds logically cannot be fully confirmed. Oumuamua was simply too exhausted again for that.

How's Oumuamua doing?

Oumuamua is the first interstellar object ever discovered in our solar system. Many compare the shape with that of a cigar: flat and elongated. First, it was designated as an asteroid, after evaluating further data, researchers eventually called Oumuamua as a comet. However, a final classification is still difficult because the object is too far from the earth to collect more valid data.

That is probably one of the reasons why researchers initially regarded the mysterious object as an alien probe. This assumption has already been revised. Theories about a broken comet compacted. Recently researchers also wondered if Oumuamua could not be fluffy and light.

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