Of course, the 16-year-old Fortnite world champion was immediately beaten


Sudden celebrities can also cause problems very quickly. That was the experience of 16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf, who recently won the world title in Fortnite. When he publicly demonstrated his skills in a live stream, trolls sent the police to his neck.

The gamer who appears in the game under the nickname "Bugha" is actually a fairly normal teenager who lives with his parents and gambles on the computer in his room. The difference with many others is the fact that he dominated Fortnite pretty well and won the $ 3 million prize in the recent World Cup tournament. Of course this not only provides recognition, but also envy.

In a streaming session he was suddenly taken away from his father's PC. Because the parents were confronted with the fact that the police were at the door of the apartment with guns in hand and coveted admission. As a result, the character of Bugha suddenly stopped in the game and of course it was shot very quickly.

Quick clarification

In this case, however, the case was less dramatic than in other cases. After only about ten minutes the gamer was back in place and was able to report on the incident. It turned out that one of the officials lives in the area and knows the adolescent personally. That is why it was probably clear in advance that a troll could have alerted the police to the house – but of course you had to follow the case.

In other cases, such supposed tricks were less flexible. For example, in 2017 a gamer was shot by misleading police officers. But even otherwise, this swat leads to various problems – ranging from the material damage caused by resettlement by emergency services, to the social consequences that naturally occur when the entire neighborhood is startled by a massive police operation.

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US, police, arrest, SWAT

US, police, arrest, SWAT

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