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now your most important employees are leaving

The fall of the service from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp reveals the growing problems in the environment of the leader of social networks

Another major problem occurred on Wednesday, March 13, when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fell or had limited access. What do they have in common? They all belong to the same group, led by Mark Zuckerberg. The next day it was learned that some employees who worked from the beginning decided to leave the company. Some predict that this could be the beginning of the end for the entrepreneur.

Widely used, there was a commotion when the three social networks with the most users and the largest stream of data on Facebook fell at the same time. Just in the afternoon the applications stopped working for 100% because it was not easy to navigate on Instagram, and as far as Facebook is concerned, it was not even allowed to access.

We are experiencing a major interruption that affects the publication and the ability to log in. We are actively monitoring the problem and hope to resolve it quickly, "Facebook said in a statement.

As a trigger, on Thursday, March 14, Chris Cox, product manager of Facebook, and Chris Daniels, director of the WhatsApp service, said they would leave Zuckerberg after 13 years to resign from their roles in the company.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, US federal prosecutors are investigating Facebook's recent agreements with the largest technology companies. The suspicion is about the request of certain companies, including Apple, to access personal information from hundreds of millions of users of the social network.

Can this be considered as one of the consequences of the episode that took place at the beginning of 2018 with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in the lead role?

Some believe that yes, since the scandal involving both companies was responsible for triggering the debate on privacy in social networks and also questioned some points of the famous globalization, Facebook itself.

The Cambridge Analytica case revealed that the private data company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication, for the election process, illegally used user information for political purposes in the US election campaign in 2016.

Harry Davies, the Guardian journalist, reported the situation for the first time in 2015 and reported that Cambridge Analytica was working to steal data from US senator Ted Cruz from Facebook users.

Although no one at that time placed the magnifying glass on the situation, in 2018 a former Cambridge Analytica employee, Christopher Wylie, was an anonymous source of the article & # 39; The Great British Brexit Robbery & # 39; from The Observer, to which other major American media like the New York Times.

The scandal led to the testimony of both companies before the United States Congress and the fall of Facebook shares. However, this was not enough for users to stop using social networks because the subscriptions continued to rise.

Although, on the other hand, the scandal was important to encourage the debate on ethics regarding the use of staff and also the goals of globalization.

Until 5 years ago, the public only thought of the phenomenon of technological globalization as something wonderful that allowed the connection between the world's population, regardless of time and place, but today it is not as fascinating as before.

Returning to the fall of Facebook, although it was closest to the apocalypse for Facebook users and the owner, it was not for Telegram, the application of Russian messaging messages developed since 2013, because it has added an additional 3 million from new users while WhatsApp did not work fully, Urgente24 reported.

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