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Notches notches are 1 to stay

Following the concept of the notch, popularized by the iPhoneX, various manufacturers of smartphones start using notches that form a small hole to place the webcam in a corner of the plate; the most emblematic model is probably the Samsung Galaxy S10. At the end of last year, Samsung announced different ways of working to get rid of all the front sensors. Infinity-O plates are just a blow: the ultimate goal is to get the webcam directly behind the plate to make it invisible to the naked eye. This is clearly not an easy task, but the South Korean glove is planning to achieve this in the coming years. Byung Duk Yang, vice-president of Samsung's Research and Development Department, confirmed that his teams are continuing their research on this subject, but said no announcement should be expected in the next two years.

Samsung Infinity

The technology can go to the point where the hole of the camera is invisible, without affecting the operation of the camera.he said. But that won't be for now. The first smartphones that are completely covered by their notch, without punching or keeping, should therefore not appear in 2022 at the earliest and Byung Duk Yang did not address the issue of price. The punched notches are certainly only a tape, but it will be necessary to be patient before you can hope to pass the next tape.

On the Apple side, which follows a different strategy with more facial recognition sensors from FacialID (while Samsung has integrated a fingerprint sensor directly under the plate), it is also intended to develop a smartphone modelthat's just the screen. Before this ultimate goal was achieved, Apple could begin to reduce the notch of the iPhone. Some rumors say that this could be the case in 2019, others from next year; the tension remains the whole moment.

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