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NOISE: Spider-Man Noir Spinoff Movie In The Works at Sony

Sony had an unexpectedly good year last year with its Spider-focused properties. For beginners, Poison has managed to earn over $ 850 million worldwide. Even without having Spider-Man in history, he managed to get fans from all over the world involved, creating a fun and harmless run in theaters. But the big splash came in the form of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He could only have $ 367.9 million worldwide, but from a creative point of view, he has no equal.

Of course, the most blurry appearance was the animation. It looked like a comic book had actually come to life. But also from the point of view of history, it was strong, essentially as a team movie, with six different versions of Spider-Man working together. One of these versions was none other than Spider-Man Noir, the black and white brawler played by the only one and only Nicolas Cage.

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Now, We understood this is reporting that that character could have his own movie. According to the sources of the outlet, Sony is developing a spin-off for the character. If it is true, it means that they are working on at least three different films: a direct sequel, a Spider-Women spin-off, and then this Noir version. Clearly, Sony has big plans for this franchise. Or that, or they are throwing as much as possible at the walls and seeing what sticks.

Which of these three ideas would you like to see more? Let us know below!

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SOURCE: We understood this

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