Next 3 weeks of leaked Fortnite Overtime challenges and rewards


The next three weeks of Fortnite Chapter 2 Overtime have leaked, as well as the aspects you will get by completing them.

Fortnite v11.40 released today, which means there were several cosmetic leaks to filter. Three of the leaks were variants instead of new masks, and corresponded to the extra time challenges we will see in the coming weeks.

We still don’t know the order of these challenges. All we know is that we will get one of them for each of the next three weeks. The challenges will give us unlockable styles for Chic, 8-Ball and Rippley.

Rippley vs. Ludge

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

Most of these challenges are relatively simple. You can easily destroy ten SLURP barrels by landing in Slurpy Swamp, but you must be careful with the enemies. You can take this opportunity to visit Slurpy and Lazy Lake in the same game.

Swimming 50 meters in less than 5 seconds may be easier than it seems: we will have to wait and see when these challenges are activated.

We will make sure we have a guide for you, as well as a guide that covers the hidden location of the gnome. The challenges will reward you with a purple variant of Rippley, which you can see below.

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

This was obvious when we saw the purple variant Remedy vs. Toxin I can’t wait to shake the purple peak of Mud Hammer

8-Ball vs. Scratch

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

The challenges of 8-Ball vs Scratch Overtime are being set to be downright annoying. We will have to ring the bells with the opponents, which is a recycled and difficult challenge of Season 9 or 10. It seems easier than it is, you will almost never think about it when you are in such a situation.

Almost each of these challenges will require guidance. We will collect the information for you, but you will really want to have this golden 8-ball variant process all this.

Via: Hypex

This is nothing special, in my opinion. The failed version of the 8-Ball vs. mask. Scratch looks much better, and most players should be able to reach level 300 with all these additional XP.

Cameo vs. Chic

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

These challenges fall somewhere between Rippley and 8-Ball when it comes to difficulty. You can complete most of them on your own, but you must take some special trips to get them all.

These gnomes will be annoying during the extra season. We will make sure to find them so you don’t have to dig too much.

Via: Hypex

The yellow Chic variant is a decent update. Chic is my favorite skin of season 1, but I think I prefer the regular style. We will have to wait and see when they are activated.

What is your favorite overtime variant? Let us know in the comments.


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