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New York police asks Google to remove police check points from the Waze app, but probably will not remove them – Developpez.com

On February 2, the New York police sent a Google letter asking to stop revealing the location of checkpoints for driving under the influence of drivers in the Waze app. In his application, the New York Police wrote that this letter states that the New York Police has learned that the Waze Mobile App, a Google-based GPS navigation application based on Google, currently allows the public to report traffic points. check everywhere in New York City whether you are traveling in New York state and map these locations in the app.

According to the police, Google undermines its ability to keep city streets safe with its Internet application that warns drivers of police checkpoints. The letter follows Google's launch last month of a new feature in its Google Maps app that warns drivers about speed limits and police radar sites. According to CBS New York, the drivers received the new speed camera alert on Google Maps last week. The Waze application from Google already contained information on speed limits and the location of police checkpoints.

Waze is a community-based GPS community that gathers millions of users around the world to help prevent accidents, works and traffic jams, and to store travel memories so that other travelers can make the most trips used by groups of users. Events are reported in real time by the user community at Waze. Of course Waze also allows users to state the location of fixed, mobile, red light, police checks. Google purchased the Waze app in 2013.

This is not the first time that law enforcement has cracked Google's mobile app, especially against the ability to reveal the location of police checkpoints. Dj in 2015 asked a group of the National Sheriff's Association for his withdrawal. Some police officers even went so far as to place fake quick fixes on Waze to deceive the users.

According to the New York Police Letter, people who display the locations of checkpoints with drunken journeys can engage in criminal activities because such actions may be deliberate attempts to hamper the enforcement of laws. conduct in the state of British and other relevant criminal and traffic laws. According to the letter, placing this information is irresponsible to the public because it only serves to help drivers in the state avoid checkpoints and encourage reckless driving. By exposing the location of control points, these drivers, their passengers and the general public are at risk.

In an e-mail following the request from the New York police, however, a Google spokesperson showed that the company does not have the same opinion as the police. Security is a top priority in developing navigation features at Google. We believe that administrators inform about the speed that lies ahead of them, enabling them to be more careful and make safer decisions while on the road. , wrote the spokesperson for Google.

In the past, a similar request was made to digital platforms by means of an open letter in 2011 and during a hearing on Snat in the same year. Apple then banned certain location requests from police checkpoints from its online store, particularly those where the location of checkpoints for drunken driving was shown, except those already posted by the police. police services. The Waze mobile application from Google has enabled users to report the positions of radars and other hazards on the road, in the United States and elsewhere, since the acquisition.

Waze and Coyote, another GPS application for the community, have come under the same pressure in France, according to an article by Le Parisien. Article 24 of a government legislative proposal reads as follows: Any operator of an electronic service may be prohibited by the administrative authority from conducting or navigating with the help of golocation, with the help of this service any message or indication given by users of this service because this retransmission is likely to allow other users to evade control.

GPS providers in the Waze and Coyote community have even started jointly with the government in June 2018 to temporarily suspend some of their warnings to make police checkpoints temporarily invisible to users in certain situations. But this measure was finally abandoned after the bill was submitted to the Council of State. The provision that Google would suspend certain features of its GPS community was no longer included in the final text of the bill, giving a victory to the association of 40 million motorists who were in favor of this measure.

As a reminder, in 2011 a law was made mandatory in France for historical builders and publishers of business or mobile applications to replace alarms with aids for driving assistance. Indeed, the government required that the operators of the field replace the radar warnings with simple danger zones on their maps. Waze had in the past converted a number of fixed radars into a danger zone, even if the mobile radars were still visible. However, Waze as a community application, it is the users themselves who make accurate reports of locations on the roads.

source: CBS New York, Street Blog, The Parisian

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What is your opinion about reporting the location of the police checkpoints by the Waze app from Google?
Do you think that signaling drivers to control points before driving in the British state makes them much more careful?

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