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Netflix no longer works with Apple AirPlay

By Frdric SCHMITT, the

Difficult battle for those who have used the functionality AirPlay look Netflix from their computer, iPhone or iPad to a compatible TV or box Apple TV.

Netflix officially announcesDue to technical limitations, AirPlay is no longer supportedApple has just opened its own AirPlay standard from other manufacturers, making AirPlay support a real challenge for Netflix developers.

"We want to ensure that our members get Netflix experience on all devices they use. By deploying AirPlay on third-party devices, it is no longer possible to distinguish between devices (an Apple TV and what not) and to certify these experiences. As a result, we have decided to discontinue Netflix AirPlay support to ensure that signage quality standards are met. Members can continue to access Netflix via the built-in application via Apple TV and other devices"Netflix explains, an understandable explanation if you know that Netflix is ​​committed to providing a quality service.

The official announcement of Apple's competing streaming service, Apple TV +a short time before this decision shows us that a war is being prepared between the two American gloves. And Netflix would be right if they watch out for Apple. Indeed, according to recent figures (that it still needs to be verified), Apple Music would have succeeded Spotify in the United States in terms of paying subscribers (28 million for Apple against 26 million for Spotify). Apple and its hundreds of billions of dollars, placed on offshore accounts, have the means to compete with Netflix. A fight of titans may well begin.


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