NASA tests its VIPER moon rover to hunt water

SLOPE has a large and adjustable dirt container, which allowed rover engineers to gather the necessary data to assess the traction of the vehicle and its wheels. The test also gave them a way to compare different methods to cross steep slopes to determine the most feasible. Their results will also help them determine the power requirements for various maneuvers.

NASA will send VIPER to the lunar south pole, where the Artemis manned mission will also land, to search for water ice in the region. It will collect and analyze samples using four scientific instruments, which will help us see if the Moon has enough water to support future missions. When the rover was announced, the project manager, Daniel Andrews, said: “The key to living on the Moon is water, the same as here on Earth. Since the confirmation of lunar water ice ten years ago, the question Now is if the Moon could really contain the amount of resources we need to live outside the world. This mobile vehicle will help us answer the many questions we have about where the water is and how much to use. “

VIPER does not yet have a release date, but the goal is to land on the Moon in December 2022. This is just one of the tests that will be submitted before its final version takes off towards its destination.

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