Motorola’s folding Razr will finally go on sale this February


It’s time to get retro.

Or, more precisely, it is about to be Time to go retro. The new Motorola Razr folding smartphone will officially launch to presale this January 26, and store sales will begin on February 6. In other words, prepare to listen to all your tech enthusiast friends talk about how they can’t even image living in an era before folding.

We know. We can barely wait too.

The folding smartphone that, unlike Samsung’s problematic folding phone, opens from top to bottom compared to the familiar book from side to side, is an intentional tribute of Motorola’s iconic Razr phone.

Fold it or turn it over.

Fold it or turn it over.

Image: karissa bell / mashable

Karissa Bell, Mashable senior technical reporter, had a brief opportunity to review the new Razr and called it “the only foldable phone that really excited me.”

According to a Motorola spokesperson, enthusiastic customers can place their orders in advance at Verizon, Walmart or that old on hold.

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And hey, we don’t want to hear any complaints about how $ 1,500 is too much to pay for what amounts to a new smartphone concept. Fortune favors the early adopter … or something like that.



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