Home tech More information about the value of a diamond planet

More information about the value of a diamond planet

The world of space is filled with strange things, in particular a planet has discovered at least a third of the diamonds, called 55 Cancri e.

According to the site "Thefactsite" it is a planet with a diameter twice the width of the earth and a block eight times larger than it.

The planet revolves around its host star in just 18 hours, which means that the sun orbits less than a day on Earth because it revolves around the sun in 365 days. The reason the planet only turns in 18 hours is that it is very close to its star.

As a result, the surface temperature reaches 9,200 degrees Fahrenheit (5,100 degrees Celsius), making them uninhabitable.

The planet is estimated to be around $ 26.9 nil, and the nenilon is around 30 بعد after one, and studies have found that the planet is about 40 light years away from the Earth in the cancer constellation.


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