More changes from Microsoft Store as Microsoft seems to fall 95% from the revenue division with developers

In March of last year, Microsoft began offering developers a 95% revenue division when they took the downloads to their application from outside the store.

This would encourage developers to host their application in the store, but still use their own website to promote the application, as it always has been. When the downloads were driven by the store itself, such as promotions or searches in the store, the revenue division would still be 85% for the developer, and Microsoft would take 15% of the application’s cost for its problems.

Now it seems that Microsoft is reversing this positive move and has eliminated the 95% revenue split.

Microsoft has emphasized the Microsoft Store as an application delivery route, and Microsoft reportedly plans to close Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education as of June 30, 2020.

The MSIX packaging system allows developers to update their applications automatically while using tools and methods built into Windows, which means that the user experience of updating the application would be very similar to that of the Store. According to reports, Microsoft is still looking for ways to inform consumers which Windows applications are reliable and recommended by Microsoft, and find ways to help users discover, download and trust applications outside the Microsoft Store.

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