Mobius Final Fantasy players devastated by server shutdown

Square Enix will close Mobius Final FantasyOn the global servers of June 30, the mobile game operations team announced on January 15. The players received a warning this morning that the story of the “Warrior of Despair” will conclude with the server shutdown in June.

“It is with great regret that we must now bring you this sad news,” Square Enix wrote. “We will continue to implement updates to the game’s events, including the conclusion of the Warrior of Despair story, until the end of the service, so we hope you see the fate of our adventurers until the end.”

Mobius Final Fantasy it is a free mobile role-playing game that was launched in Japan in 2015; was launched worldwide in August 2016. In 2017, it came to Steam as Final Fantasy 7 Remake tie Mobius Final Fantasy It’s a “gacha” game, like toy capsule vending machines. Players use game currency, “Magicite” or tickets in Mobius Final Fantasy, to get collectible cards.

Popularity has declined since the game’s launch in Japan, but fans are devastated, but not necessarily surprised, to see Mobius Final Fantasy Come on.

“In general, we all know that getting into a porridge that the game always has the potential to close,” David, a 21-year-old. Mobius Final Fantasy player, he told Polygon. “Either by laws related to the game or by having a small player base and, therefore, not having enough winnings.”

Mobius Final Fantasy has had its share of problems over the years; Square Enix withdrew the game (and two others) from Belgium, citing uncertainty about the mechanics of the porridge and the “legal status of the” loot boxes “under Belgian law.” The Korean server was closed in 2018 due to its small player base. Similarly, the Japanese server has been closed since December 2019. Players have been concerned about the state of the game since the server’s previous shutdown.

Now that the end is in sight, the players are upset: not only for the monetary investments they have put into the game, but for what it represents for the community. (But the money spent on a game that is also in a tailspin. Interestingly, Square Enix still allows players to invest money in the game until March 31, when Magicite sales will end.)

Mobius for me it was an escape, ”Esteban Romero, 22, told Polygon. “I fell in love with his plot, characters, art, gameplay and especially music. It felt like an experience I could never have had until now. ”

Romero said he has been playing since the “first day” and has been active in the community since then. He published a call to action on the game’s subreddit: let’s start archiving the game while we can.

“The tragedy of games as a service is that you can rarely return and experience a game that you love once your servers are gone,” Romero said. “Sadly, Mobius Is no different. Soon, nobody can play this game and step on Palamecia again. “

Some players said they will continue playing until the end, to see the story. Others are moving to other games, but many players told Polygon that there is no game like Mobius. Steve, a 34-year-old player, said that Mobius it was actually easy to play, “which is” extremely rare “for a mobile gacha game.

Robert Jose Swinkels, a 36-year-old from the Netherlands, said he eliminated the game completely. Playing it over the next two months would be too much to bear, knowing it is closing. “I know it’s just a game, but [it] it was an important part of my life, “Swinkels said.” I eliminated the game because I know that by playing it with the knowledge I have, it would make me sad every day that we approached the closing. “

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