Mnangagwa disowns Twitter comments – Bulawayo24 News


President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe, his spokesman says.

George Charamba said to have been attempting to put words into his mouth via the Twitter account.

"I'm not sure I think it's coming through," "Charamba told reporters" Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi on Wednesday after witnessing the swearing-in of the new

The tweets went out following Mnangagwa's return to Zimbabwe on Monday night.

In one, he is purported to have said: "I invite all of political parties as well as religious. dialogue Let's put the people first. "

Charamba, blaming the opposition MDC for violent fuel protests on January 14, said dialogue was already happening in Parliament and other platforms provided for under the constitution.

Charamba said, "When it comes to national dialogue, it is a necessary accompaniment of any democratic system.

"The key for all parties including those in the United Kingdom. After all, we have a Parliament. , there is interaction going on.We have many other avenues, where interaction is going on. "

Last month, claiming this offer had been "spurned because the opposition were still pursuing other avenues."

"When those avenues came unstuck, that's how we engage in political system," Charamba said.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, meanwhile, had already responded to the purported Mnangagwa tweets, saying they would not enter any dialogue when the army was still brutalizing Zimbabweans and "prisoners of conscience" still facing sham trials over the January 14 protests.

"Going forward, we must correct wrongs now." We call for an immediate end to the crackdown and terror that has induced insecurity across the country We call for the unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience and political detainees whose rights continue to be violated, "Chamisa said.

Noting what he said was "lofty words" that often came from Mnangagwa's Twitter account, but are not matched by actions, Chamisa went on: "Our solution to the crisis requires sincerity, honesty and compassion for those we lead. or wordplay unsupported by conduct on the ground. "

Mnangagwa, like Charamba, is known to be averse to technology. He admitted that he had an e-mail account until after he came to power in November 2017, and needed one in order to open the Twitter account which sources is run by Emmerson Junior, his son.