Microsoft’s well-designed Surface Pro X 2 in 1 has up to $ 200 off


The Pro X offers an excellent 2-in-1 experience and offers a quick gigabit LTE connection. There are some notable warnings: the software has errors and the compatibility of the application is limited. As we noted, if you must use Microsoft software, Surface Pro X will do the job, but many people would be better off with a Chromebook or Surface Pro 7.

That said, this is a solid deal. 256GB models each have a $ 200 discount. If you opt for the 128GB model, you will continue to receive a $ 100 discount. That makes the low-end model only $ 899, and at the top end, you can get 512GB of storage with 16GB of RAM for $ 1,599. You can choose to allocate those savings to the Slim Pen ($ 145) or the keyboard case ($ 140 extra) that Microsoft made for the Pro X.

The sale is direct from Microsoft and includes free shipping, but if you prefer to buy through Amazon, you will find discounts there too.

Buy Surface Pro X at the Microsoft Store – from $ 899


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