Microsoft’s new Edge browser is fast and runs Google Chrome extensions

Microsoft launched its new Edge web browser on Wednesday that allows users to install extensions from the Google Chrome web store.

In this and other key ways, the new Edge browser is essentially Google Chrome with a Microsoft mask.

In addition to running Chrome extensions, the new Edge browser shares an appearance similar to Google Chrome. That is not surprising considering that it is based on Chromium, the open source software on which Chrome is also based.

The new Chromium-based Edge will replace the original browser version in a future Windows 10 update, Microsoft said in a blog post. But you can download the new Microsoft Chromium-based Edge here and now and install it as you would any other application. It is available for Windows 10 and macOS, as well as for Android and iOS.

Microsoft would surely want to attract people from browsers like Chrome to its own Edge, but the new Edge browser based on Chromium could also be effective in keeping people in the Microsoft ecosystem instead of immediately downloading Chrome when they buy a new computer. with Windows 10.

The original Edge iteration was run on a proprietary Microsoft platform and was meant to be a leap forward from the Internet Explorer era. However, it faced several problems, including poor performance on some websites and the lack of useful third-party extensions to add new features. Finally, it was difficult to recommend it to Chrome or other popular browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox.

With the new Edge with Chromium technology, Microsoft demands better performance in all areas. And now that Chrome extensions are also available, in addition to the ability to sync Edge with your Google account, Chrome users may not feel the need to rush to the Google browser as fast as before.

Once you have installed the new Edge, you can start linking your Google account. In my personal experience, the transition from Chrome to Edge was completely perfect. The only important difference was that the default search engine was set to Microsoft Bing, which I am not ready to adopt. I entered the Edge settings and changed the default search engine to Google.

Installing Chrome extensions is easy but not intuitive. Finding Chrome extensions in the same way you would in that browser will not give you what you want.

Instead, you should specifically search for “Chrome web store” in the address bar to get your Chrome extensions. When you find the extensions you want, you’ll see a notification asking you to enable Chrome extensions on Edge. Click on “Allow extensions from other stores” and voila.

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