Microsoft confirms Gears Tactics for Xbox One


Tactical insertion

The War gears franchise has had much love at E3 2018. In addition to confirming the existence of Gears 5 (which no one thought was in question), we also got the kind of satirical Gears Pop! is Gear tactics confirmed as a spin-off for the macabra series, dudebro. Both were trying to take the IP in completely different directions to satisfy different niches, which is always a good thing. tactics it was announced exclusively for PC, so many did not expect it to ever hit Xbox One. Things have changed, apparently.

On Twitter last week, study head The Coalition Rod Fergusson confirmed this tactics it will in fact be directed to the Microsoft console. Developed by Splash Damage (known for eyelash is Dirty bomb), it seems that the study's work on both Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is Gears of War 4 has been updated from the help with multiplayer to the creation of a unique voice. Certainly it fits well with the series, which has always placed the accent on "stop and pop" filming.

We don't have a release date yet, but Gear tactics will surely hit PC and Xbox One when it is finally launched.

Gear tactics The Coalition's Rod Fergusson is also coming to Xbox One, confirming (WCCFTech)

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