Cuphead Graphic

when Cuphead it was revealed during the recent presentation of Nindie Direct, somehow confirmed rumors about Microsoft that brought a selection of exclusive Xbox to the Nintendo Switch.

As surreal as it may be, it has many people wondering how such an idea came about. Second Daniel Bloodworth from Easy Allies – who spoke to one of Cuphead's developers at the 2019 Game Developers Conference yesterday – Microsoft actively contacted StudioMDHR and asked the team if it would create a Switch version of the classic 2D platform run and gun.

In recent months, Microsoft has stated that it wants more people to play its games and use its services. During an interview with GeekWire not long ago, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer said the company was eager to push the cross-device game and expand the scope of its Game Pass service. Just yesterday, he also said that Switch users could expect "other games" like Cuphead coming to Nintendo's hybrid device with Xbox Live-enabled services in the coming year.

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