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Merge Fortnite accounts (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile) – AS

Epic Games has announced that it is now possible merge accounts Fortnite. the Battle Royale The player who played the most was related to Sony's refusal to play (cross-play), so that players who had an account of Xbox One, Nintendo siwtch or PC they had to create another one PlayStation 4 – Or vice versa to play, and thus have at least two accounts. Now we can merge them and explain how it should be done.

All Fortnite: Battle Royale in the same account

The procedure is simple, but there are a number of aspects that you have to take into account; so let's explain it so you do not make mistakes and you can enjoy free playing Epic Games, knowing what you win and what you lose with it.

Considerations before you begin

As stated in the official portal, one of the merged accounts must be used before September 28, when the cross-play between platforms began.

  • One of the accounts must be used on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch before September 28, 2018 and the other on PS4.
  • Your account can not be suspended or disabled.
  • Game objects and V-coins are saved for two weeks before being transferred to your main account.
  • You need access to all the email addresses that are associated with the accounts that you want to merge.
  • If you have copied third party logins, such as Facebook, in both your primary and secondary accounts, the secondary session start will be unlinked. You can disconnect it before it is merged.

This is what you can merge:

  • Battle: all objects with an aesthetic content.
  • Save the world: flames, defenders, heroes, schemas, survivors, PE and materials of evolution and benefit.

This is what you can not merge (from your secondary account):

  • Other items, such as items from the Unreal store and the creative islands, as well as the progress and account level of Saving the World.

Steps to follow for merging accounts in Fortnite

If all this is clear, the next step is to click on this link. As you will see, you will see the gaming platform that you want to keep as the main account (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC / Mac, mobile devices). Choose which your main account will be and log in

  1. You will receive a six-digit code by e-mail. Write it down and enter the code box.
  2. Sign up now with your secondary account and follow the same steps.
  3. Accept the merger if you have chosen correctly, which will be your main account (and will no longer be your secondary account as it will disappear).
  4. Check whether everything is alright, are all your objects from the two accounts in the main roles?

We hope this guide will help you and that you can continue playing without any problems without having to worry about two Fortnite accounts, all in one!

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