Luminary reduces the price of its premium podcast plan to $ 5 / month

The premium offer includes access to exclusive podcasts and without advertising from people like Trevor Noah, Conan O’Brien, Hannibal Buress and Lena Dunham. You can also use the Luminary application as a regular podcast player for programs from other places, which the company describes as the free version of its service.

Luminary, who hopes to become the “Netflix of podcasts,” encountered some major problems from the beginning. Many renowned publishers released their programs from the free version of the service when it opened in April. Spotify, PodcastOne and Barstool Sports were among those who prevented Luminary from using their shows, as was the team behind Joe Rogan’s experience, One of the most popular podcasts.

There were other early controversies, including the removal of Luminary links from the program notes in free-level podcasts, depriving them of key opportunities to earn money through sponsors and donation pages. Even now, the Luminary web player requires listeners to copy and paste the URLs of the notes instead of allowing them to click on the links.

In addition, it was said that the method that Luminary initially used to add other podcasts at its free level had given publishers incomplete or inaccurate data, which could have complicated the sale of advertisements. Luminary also saw changes in leadership last year, including hiring a new CEO in October.

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