Live digital trends: more leaks of Galaxy S20, the ring defends security


In this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Dan Gaul discuss the hottest topics in technology, including the latest leaks of the Galaxy S20, Ring’s defense of its security procedures, instant AI. Weather forecasts, NASA’s women’s spacewalk and more.

Then we take a look at the superior computing technology of CES 2020. Luke Larsen guides us through the Lenovo X1 Fold, the Razer Tomahawk and the Alienware UFO.

Adam Gorlitsky

Adam Gorlitsky, founder and CEO of I Got Legs, talks about re-enabling athletes facing physical challenges, and how he plans to walk a million steps in an exoskeleton.

Bhavin Asher

Nibler then talks to Bhavin Asher, founder of GRUBBRR, a company that specializes in self-service kiosks that attract customers and reduce waiting times.

Finally, we are joined by DT writer Georgina Torbet, who analyzes why the water on Mars continues to disappear and how its thin atmosphere does little to prevent water from leaving the planet.

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