Home tech Lenovo Smart Displays with Google Assistant are coming to Germany

Lenovo Smart Displays with Google Assistant are coming to Germany

Smart screens with the Google Assistant are finally coming to Germany: Lenovo would soon like to offer two models in this country, which are strongly reminiscent of the Echo Show from Amazon. In some areas, the Lenovo screens are even superior – but unfortunately they are not really new.

Alternative to the Echo Show: Lenovo Smart Displays with Google Assistant are coming to Germany

Image source: Lenovo Smart Display.

Lenovo brings two smart displays to Germany

The smart displays from Lenovo were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2018, but are only for sale in the US. About a year later, the tide has changed surprisingly: manufacturer Lenovo now wants to compete in this country in direct competition with Amazon & # 39; s Echo Show. Amazon already offers the second generation of smart displays with Alexa support. Why Lenovo now only dares to take this step remains a mystery.

The smart screens from Lenovo and Amazon offer many similar functions. The most important difference lies in the choice of the digital assistant. Although Lenovo here relies on the Google Assistant, Amazon & # 39; s version naturally uses its own Alexa development. The smart screens from Lenovo can display information collected by the Google Assistant. Music can be played and map information can be displayed on Google Maps. Play videos on YouTube and Google Photos displays images. However, the Lenovo displays do not have a full browser. Here, the smart devices from Amazon are clearly in favor, after a firmware update at the end of 2018 also brought a browser.

The smaller version of the Lenovo Smart Display:

Smart Home: the smart screens from Lenovo as a central office

Lenovo sees the addition of other devices connected to the Google Assistant as an important advantage of a smart display. The smart displays can for example be used to control the light. A video chat is also possible through the front camera, which is resolved with a maximum of 5 MP. Golem.de speculates here that Google Duo can be used. Amazon & # 39; s Echo Show provides the internal telephone function of Skype and Amazon.

The two smart screens from Lenovo differ in display size, resolution and price. Software functions are the same in both variants. The smaller version comes on a diagonal of 8 inches and dissolves with 1280 x 800 pixels. Full HD (1,920 x 1,200) is only available in the larger version, which has a 10-inch screen.

This is how the Lenovo Smart Display looks from the side:

Manufacturer Lenovo offers the two intelligent displays from April 15, 2019 in Germany. The variant with 8-Zoll-Display goes on sale for 180 euros and is therefore cheaper than the first generation of the Amazon Echo Show and has a 7-inch display. The 10-inch model from Lenovo is expected to cost 240 euros and is therefore slightly more expensive than the second generation of the Amazon Echo Show, which regularly costs 229.99 euros. However, there is currently a discount.


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