Larry David brutally demolishes Conan’s hosting technique

If you are going to interview Larry David, you better be sure to remember to play the clip of the program you are promoting.

Conan O’Brien does not. And it is at the receiving end of a Curb your enthusiasmWhip style for that.

“What an example of his incompetence,” David tells the host of the nightly show in the video above (jump to 5:20). “I come here to promote the show, you don’t even show a clip. You’re ready to go. And you went to Harvard, nothing less! What a jerk.”

David hasn’t finished there either. When Conan ends the segment announcing the date of the new season of Curb settles in the air, immediately interrupt it.

“Nobody knows the dates! On January 19, you think people know the dates! They know Sunday, this Sunday! They don’t know January 19!”


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