Home tech Korean photographer documents the phenomenon of "moon swallowing" the planet Saturn moment...

Korean photographer documents the phenomenon of "moon swallowing" the planet Saturn moment by moment. Video

A series of images and video's succeeded in documenting the phenomenon of the Saturn's moon so that the giant gas planet reappears on the other side of the moon to complete a process called blocking.

According to the Daily Meal website, Korean photographer Kory Schmitz took the one-hour and 44-minute celestial event, and images of the mysterious planet were released briefly when it disappeared behind YouTube and Instagram.

"The rough look through my South African image telescope," Schmitz wrote in a commentary on the video & # 39; s.

Schmitz published a separate photo on an instagram with a color that showed Saturn and the rings in the background, and the moon behind it. Two separate images were needed, one that took colored data from the planet and another from the moon.

Moon and Saturn
Moon and Saturn

"It is a composite image that consists of two sets of data RGB , One for the moon and one for Saturn, and I had to make a composite image because the moon was much larger than the brightness of Saturn, so the moon and Saturn were treated and merged separately. "



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