Karakin is the new PUBG map, and you can play it now on the test server

After a few days of teasing, PUBG has presented a new map.

the PUBG The test server on PC has just received patch 6.1, the first update of season 6. Among other additions, the highlight of this season is a new desert themed map called Karakin.

Karakin It is the smallest map of PUBG to date, with a 2 × 2 km design. That is much smaller than Sanhok (4 × 4), the previous record holder. Karakin is set in a city in North Africa and is designed to mix Miramar’s long distance commitments with a tighter and more agitated feeling.

Due to its size, Karakin is limited to only 64 players. Karakin comes with its own mechanics and tools. The new Black zone force players to be out of cover by bombarding a random area, leveling buildings to the ground. This is the first map in PUBG that alters its design in the middle of the game.

More than that, Karakin is also the first PUBG map to offer, although limited, destruction. Certain walls and floors can be broken using the new Sticky bomb Pulls, which creates new lines of vision, not to mention that make storm buildings more exciting.

Patch 6.1 also features bullet penetration, available only in Karakin for now. Certain soft walls allow bullets to pass through them, which is another dynamic that is not available on other maps.

Along with the new content, the update introduces a new feature to improve pairing times. From time to time, PUBG will rotate certain maps in and out to make things interesting. Karakin will replace Vikendi for now, which means the latter will not be available through public pairing.

Vikendi will remain out of rotation while PUBG Corp. works on a larger design review. As always, the new season brings a new Battle Pass. Shakedown is his name, and offers free themed and premium levels after the new map.

Patch 6.1 comes in 8.7GB. Access the official blog to get the full set of patch notes.

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