Home tech Japan dropped a bomb on the asteroid Ryugu

Japan dropped a bomb on the asteroid Ryugu

Japan Space Agency announced. what a spaceship "Hayabusa 2 "successfully bombarded the asteroid Ryugu – of course. for scientific purposes only.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said his spacecraft Hayabusa 2 had blown up 2 kilograms of explosives on Ryuuga's asteroid last Friday. The bomb, known as the Small Carry-on Inspector (SCI), was no more than a baseball sword and the cargo was dropped at a height of just 500 meters.

The purpose of the explosion was the creation of an artificial crater on Ryuga. JAXA is currently the result of an explosion. It was expected that after falling on a cosmic body at a speed of 2 kilometers per second, the copper plate within SCI would turn into a ball and pierce a 10 meter wide hole in the rock. Particles of waste left after the explosion can contain organic matter, minerals and traces of water – valuable samples for research.

The mission itself to undermine the asteroid was very risky for such a fragile and vulnerable device as a spacecraft. Astronomers had to take him behind the asteroid to prevent him from bumping into large pieces of debris. If everything goes according to plan, Hayabusa 2 will be doing the main work in the near future – collecting samples for chemical analysis.



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