It’s not just Sony, these big game companies have also dropped E3


  • Sony confirms that it will not attend E3 2020.
  • Some have suggested that this could be the end of E3.
  • Sony is one of several game companies that have withdrawn from the event.

After Sony confirmed that it will not attend E3 2020, a popular suggestion on social media was that this was the end of E3. Microsoft will be at E3 2020, probably sharing more about Xbox Series X. But you may not be able to carry the entire event on your shoulders.

Sony is not the only big game company that has chosen to skip the E3. That is why so many people wonder if there is room for the event. E3 seems like a very expensive tradition compared to the way game companies have started to reveal games. The developers are now much more concerned that their streamers and fans play their games to post messages on social networks. An ad flow also costs less money.

Another company that has thought this way is EA, which develops and publishes series such as Madden NFL and Battlefield. The company performs EA Play events just before E3, but these are not held in the same room as the main E3. In these events, EA game fans can play newly announced games, as well as meet professional athletes, popular streamers and celebrities.

Wargaming, developer of World of Tanks, stopped holding E3 events in 2016. Disney Interactive also stopped attending in 2016. Games like Call of Duty just applied for a place in the PlayStation E3 event for years, since it’s cheaper.

Blizzard Entertainment has held its BlizzCon event every year since 2005. This allows you to make announcements about new games, hold contests and meet fans at the same time. You can plan things your way. This costs a lot of money, but this kind of fan event is what Sony and many other game companies are looking for.

This article was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.

Last modified: January 16, 2020 1:10 AM UTC


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