Home tech iPad Pro: our first tests of the new power monster Apple

iPad Pro: our first tests of the new power monster Apple

On 30 October, Apple finally brought its MacBook Air up-to-date, but especially the new iPad Pro caught the eye. In their defense, Tim Cook's teams have done everything for it. Their redesigned design, their USB-C connector, their new home processor, their renewed promise to replace our laptops, everything has been put on the table to make us look the stars in the eye.

It's shady … the MacBook Pro

And the first argument that Apple has put forward with pleasure is that the tablet is more powerful than "92% of PCs that have been sold in the last 12 months".
This type of statement must always be taken with tweezers. On the one hand, it is not always easy to compare the performance of two machines that do not use the same configurations and chips. On the other hand, because the power is not everything and the use and the good ergonomics must have to really enjoy it.
In any case, we looked at this claim and faced the results of tests obtained with two special tools: Geekbench on one side and GFXBench Metal on the other.

Difficult when we look at the graph above, not to notice that the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2018 largely dominates its predecessor released in July 2017.

As expected, we also see that Geekbench indicates that the iPad Pro (with its A12X chip and 6 GB RAM) is more powerful than the 2018 MacBook Air, which has just been announced. The Core i5-8210Y (and its 8 GB memory) is not a lightning war, so we are not necessarily surprised.

On the other hand, we are surprised that the iPad Pro dominates the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2018, equipped with a Core i7 2.7 GHz (16 GB RAM). It kneels on the other side, for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, its Core i9 2.9 GHz and 32 GB RAM).

It is still necessary to go far and expensive (4599 euros, for the tested 15 inch) to find a laptop that replaces the latest Apple tablets.

The promise of incredible graphics

If we focus on the graphics performance of these devices, with Metal, Apple & # 39; s API, the iPad Pro is full of cardboard this time.

This is not really surprising, because teams that develop Metal and those who design the Ax chips work hand in hand. This proves that Apple is constantly growing and that efforts are already starting to pay, to a certain extent the Intel processors and AMD cards are going beyond.

The iPad Pro 2018 therefore logically dominates a lot of iPad Pro 2017, which is similar to the MacBook Pro 13-inch 2018. But the most impressive thing is to see that Apple's tablet crashes the MacBook Pro 15 inch, which has a special graphic chip (a Radeon PRO 560X with 4 GB). This is certainly not a high-end card, but it says enough about the potential of SoC Apple.

In the light of competition …

Now let's play the game of performance comparison between the iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S4. Why? Just because the tablet from Samsung tempted us and it also wants to replace our laptops.
It is therefore legitimate to be against this new iPad Pro. However, it should be noted that we have tested the 12.9-inch model of the Apple tablet, while the Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with a 10.5-inch screen. Nevertheless, the iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch should not offer any big differences in performance except surprise.

It is also important to keep in mind that we only dwell on performance here. We said in our test of the Samsung tablet that it was more to compare in terms of strength with the iPad 2018 (the entry model). Our results confirm it. We only have to see if the iPad Pro has the same arguments in terms of flexibility of work as its Korean opponent.

Ultimately, the iPad Pro 2018 (12.9 inch) is the power sample that Apple promised at its conference in New York. It is able to do it as well, or even better than some of our laptops, even at the most recent.
Now that this aspect of things is assured, the question of use and ergonomics remains. Has Apple succeeded in improving the grip of its iPad Pro sufficiently? Has he found enough tips to facilitate use and make a real Macbook killer? This is what our full test will tell you soon.

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