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In Moscow hundreds of witnesses saw the opening of the portal with Nibiru opinion

Aliens have landed in Russia to gather information about the nuclear army, according to Ufologists.

Bright rays hit the Muscovites on the morning of 8 November. A mystical glow appeared at the level of the roof of an apartment building with a height of more than 20 floors. Very soon thick smoke clogged the optical phenomenon and when the gray clubs spread, there was no trace of the alleged portal with Nibiru. The proponents of the Sumerians hastened to consider the mysterious incident in Moscow as irrefutable proof of the existence of Planet X and its inhabitants.

Extraterrestrials often use forests, steppes and other places to open a portal with Nibiru, where the chance of someone stumbling immediately over a person is extremely small. It is not for nothing that the day chosen by the pineapples is the time to land, because the sun will hide the bright rays of Planet X's "gate" for curious glances. This time the aliens have chosen the right time, but there has been a serious miscalculation with the landing site, so that hundreds of witnesses saw the opening of the alien portal, there is a conspiracy.

It is assumed that hominids have landed in Russia to study the mentality of the nuclear state and to continue working on a strategy of contact with humanity. On Nibiru they are afraid that people will be afraid of the existence of an alien race and declare war on uninvited guests. Only one explosion of an atomic bomb can turn our planet into a desert, and this is not profitable for both earthlings and Anunnaki. It is likely that Planet X has already died from a collision with Jupiter, and the aliens are just looking for a new home, ufologists concluded.

Skeptics would rather believe that today they call Pokemon on the upper floors of the Moscow skyscrap than aliens with Nibiru landed.


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