Home tech Ikea introduces Sonos speakers from 100 euros

Ikea introduces Sonos speakers from 100 euros

The Swedish furniture store Ikea has officially unveiled its Symfonisk speaker series, developed together with Sonos. The cheapest model costs from 100 euros.

In December 2017, Ikea and Sonos announced that they would jointly develop sound products for the home. On Monday, about a year and a half later, the companies unveiled the first products of the Symfonisk family in Milan – with the "loudest and smartest table lamp Ikea ever had in their range," said the Swedish furniture store.

Ikea Symfonisk: fully part of the Sonos family

A speaker that can also be used as a shelf, and a lamp with seven-watt speakers – these are the first fruits of the collaboration between Ikea and Sonos. Although the devices do not operate under the Sonos flag, they can easily be integrated into the sound expert's ecosystem, managed with the app, and grouped with other speakers in the Sonos family.

Ikea Symfonisk: the new products come in two colors. (Photo: Ikea)

Ikea Symfonisk: the new products come in two colors. (Photo: Ikea)

In addition, it is possible to connect two identical speakers to a stereo pair. Airplay 2 support is also part of the game. Unlike the Sonos One (test) or Beam (test), the digital assistant from Amazon is not on board, but it is possible to pair the speakers with an echo speaker and use them with voice. The foot has music controls and volume buttons.

The table lamp speakers from Ikea Symfonisk can also be paired with stereo speakers. (Photo: Sonos)

Ikea Symfonisk: from August

The Ikea Symfonisk Sound Shelf (photo: Ikea)

The Ikea Symfonisk Sound Shelf (photo: Ikea)

Any lamp can be screwed into the lamp loudspeaker via the E14 fitting. If required, it can also be integrated into a smart home system. The idea of ​​combining the lamp with a loudspeaker is inspired by a fireplace, says Iina Vuorivirta, one of the designers at Ikea. Because a fireplace simultaneously emits warmth and pleasant sounds, the lamp must emit light and sound. Despite the unusual design for a speaker, the sound had to be 100 percent of the quality that sets Sonos apart – without compromise, Ikea says.

To be used as a bedside table: Ikea Symfonisk plank loudspeaker. (Photo: Sonos)

The second Symfonisk loudspeaker can be set to both portrait and landscape format if required. In portrait format, for example, it fits in a bookshelf and can even serve as a bookend. In landscape mode, the Symfonisk loudspeaker can be screwed to the wall and used as a shelf.

Both Symfonisk speaker models must be marketed from 1 August 2019 according to Ikea. The loud table lamp beats 179 euros, because the Symfonisk plank speakers drop to just under 100 euros. According to Ikea, the two products are not the only models in the Symfonisk speaker series.

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