Ikea and Teenage Engineering launch speakers and party products developed jointly


Two and a half years after Ikea first announced its collaboration with the Swedish design collective Teenage Engineering, the products will go on sale. The Frekvens range (which translates as “frequency”) will be launched in US stores. UU. From today until February 1, according to Ikea.

Teenage Engineering is best known for its musical products as the iconic OP-1 synthesizer, so it is not surprising that the Frekvens collection sees Ikea continue its expansion in the world of home audio. There are two speakers in the range, a $ 69.99 model and a more portable $ 19.99 option with a belt clip, along with a $ 149 subwoofer combo and a $ 10 illuminated speaker base.

“The articles were reduced to sound,” says Teenage Engineering founder Jesper Kouthoofd. “What we said was: why do you have to hide the speakers? They are furniture in their own right. “Sounds should not be hidden. So, when you start building a modular system and add fronts and accessories, it is a more fun way to think about sound.”

It’s just not a party until someone pours a martini on a table tennis racket on the floor.

The rest of the range includes more traditional Ikea products and is designed to help you organize a home party with minimalist style. There are several lights, furniture, dishes and other somewhat inconsistent items such as a drawer and a reflective raincoat. Many of the lights and speakers can be connected to each other.

“We know that for young people, spontaneousness is key,” says Ikea’s creative design leader, Michael Nikolic. “The idea of ​​gathering some friends could come true in minutes. What does it take to have a good party at home? That is what we wanted to investigate with Frekvens. Together with Teenage Engineering, we have explored the possibilities of taking the party with us. ”

Here are some selected items from the collection:

Speaker with subwoofer, $ 149

Portable speaker, $ 19.99

Cups, $ 9.99 for four

Side table, $ 29.99

Food set, $ 17.99

Drawer drum, $ 29.99

Multi-purpose LED light, $ 40

Blanket, $ 49.99

Waterproof, $ 24.99


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