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Igromania, Wargaming and Roscosmos send your message to the ISS – Igromania

Specially for the Day of Cosmonautics Company wargaming in collaboration with "Roscosmos"Starts large-scale special project"Space Bonus".

April 12 all viewers of the streaming platform WGwatch.ru Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Alexei Ovchinin will be shown live on the ISS in the Earth's orbit. Astronauts from 12:00 to 12:22 personally congratulate all viewers during the holidays and invite you to participate in a new in-game event. World of Tanks "Space Bonus". The community manager of World of Tanks Vyacheslav Ushakov accepts communication on earth.

But readers of Gokken not only have the opportunity to see the message from space, but also to send their own reply back! It is your job to come up with an original greeting for the cosmonauts of Roskosmos in haiku format, with the words "tank" and "space" in any suitable form.

Haiku is a poetic genre from Japan. They traditionally look like triads and fit in 17 syllables (5-7-5 in lines). We do not have to strictly observe these numbers, because the average length of words in Russian differs from that in Japanese. Nevertheless, it is important to observe the main principle of making a haiku: put words into words as much as possible.

We will receive your answers in a special form below until April 10 at 6:00 PM Moscow. The Gambling staff will then choose the best poem together with representatives from Wargaming and Roscosmos. On April 12, during a direct connection to the ISS on WGwatch.ru, Vyacheslav Ushakov will read it to astronauts in the ether – and of course will mention the author's name.

The in-game event "Space Bonus", where tasks for players are sent from space, lasts from April 12 to April 15. Its launch is announced by the cosmonauts of the Roskosmos with the ISS during the live broadcast with the Earth.

The space has always forced the hearts of the small inhabitants of the Big Country to beat faster. We have studied, trained and observed the regime to grow and become like Yuri Gagarin and Alexey Leonov.

Years have passed and the feeling that there is a place in the life of the performance has left somewhere on the edge of the daily routine. In the world of adults, where joy and vacation are becoming less and less, we wanted to make our players a little happier by forgetting forgotten childhood, and on the Cosmonautic Day we prepared a special surprise.

Together with Roscosmos, we want to congratulate our users directly on the space station. During the communication session, the cosmonauts of Roskomos will greet all "tankers" and wish them every success on the battlefields of the in-game "Space Bonus" event, which also starts on April 12.

I hope this little gift will make our players smile and feel young and full of strength and enthusiasm again.

Andrei Muravyov, head of the publishing department of Wargaming in the CIS

Also at 19.00 in Moscow there will be another festive activity on WGwatch.ru – an interactive quiz on the theme of space travel and space technology. Viewers can participate in an interactive quiz and win prizes. Vyacheslav Ushakov and the hero of the Russian Federation, test cosmonaut of Roscosmos Oleg Artemyev, who comes to Minsk for this, will lead her.

According to the organizers, the quiz turned out to be diverse and scientifically informative and not only interesting for the players in World of Tanks, but also for those who are not yet familiar with the game and are simply interested in space technology.


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