HuniePop 2: Double Date First Gameplay trailer

HuniePop 2: double date

The first game trailer for puzzles and dating-sim HuniePop 2 has been revealed, now called HuniePop 2: Double date.

While we already knew that the game was taking place at a resort on a tropical island, we now know that you can date two women at the same time and take them to double dates. While you join three or more equal tokens on the date, the two women alternate.

With each girl who prefers a particular type of orb, add another layer of strategy. The new gray chips can also be a way to help the “resistance” of the other girl recover to return to play faster.

In addition, the economy of the game, the progression, “and more” have been renewed During the advance, we see the player making shakes for the characters, increasing their statistics. Gifts will also make a return (new and old) that may affect the date with special effects.

A final feature mentioned was the “Baggage” feature. Each girl earns up to three special traits as she progresses, which give her new effects on dates. For example, Lillian has “The Darkness,” which reverses the effects of the Passion tokens and the Broken Heart tokens.

The end of the preview also implies that the photos you will unlock now will include two girls instead of just one.

In case you missed it, the developer confirmed that the game would be censored on Steam, but an uncensored patch could occur. In addition, the list of voice actress actors was revealed.

HuniePop 2: double date It will be released in 2020 for Windows and Mac PCs (via Steam).

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