Huawei’s new folding phone bends to present several design improvements on Mate X – BGR

When the first-generation Huawei Mate X folding phone was launched at MWC 2019 last year, it simply stole the show. He looked and felt great, and easily overshadowed his biggest rival, the Galaxy Fold, which was presented only a few days before the Mate X. But 2019 did not turn out to be a good year for folding phones.

The durability problems of the Fold forced Samsung to delay its launch in five months. Then, Mate X saw significant delays of its own, some of which were attributed to the 5G tests. Both companies are expected to launch new folding devices this year, each of which will feature more mature technology. The Galaxy Z Flip will be released in early February, according to reports, while Huawei is expected to present the Mate Xs sometime in March.

The Z Flip has appeared in several rumors so far, which revealed that the phone could present a glass screen instead of plastic, and that it could cost only $ 1,000. The phone is supposed to present a new design for Samsung’s folding phones, since the Z Flip will look a lot like the Motorola Razr folding phone.

According to reports, Huawei is working on its own cover, which will be launched in the second half of 2020, according to MyDrivers. The Mate Xs update could also have an advantage, according to the same report.

The new phone is supposedly smaller than the original and will feature an improved hinge design. The Mate Xs is also supposed to be more durable than its predecessor and easier to produce, which could help Huawei sell more units. The price of the phone also has to go down for this to happen. With more than $ 2,500, the Mate X is definitely not economical, and it is the most expensive phone you can buy right now, assuming you can find it in stores.

When it comes to specifications, the new Mate Xs is expected to run on Huawei’s latest Kirin 990 chip, which comes with built-in 5G connectivity. It’s unclear when Mate Xs is supposed to be released, but it would make sense for Huawei to introduce both the P40 and the new Mate Xs at the same event in March. That means that the Chinese smartphone seller will not launch its new folding phones at MWC 2020 at the end of February.

Image source: Chris Smith, BGR


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